Biennale and other arts festival as nuclear plants or U.S. military bases and creating reality there

Biennale and other arts festival as nuclear plants or U.S. military bases and creating reality there is a web-project for using a form of 'biennale' in order to re-think about some social issue that we have to deal with... in this time, this focus on the two topics suc as, 'Nuclear Accident' and 'U.S. military bases in Okinawa including the other camps'.


“aaccrroobbaatt” is an art project began in the wake of Parasophia: Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture being held in 2015. It’s something like the near future festival was pushing us from behind and without any request from someone, people who are interested in the festival just get together and try to seek and think then make prototypes of future large-scale international contemporary art exhibitions.

Ideas on the move

People often say that “Today is the scholar of yesterday”. This project “Ideas on the move” is an actual practice to make prototypes of some art works and actions or a part of the project that was exhibited in some large-scale international art festival being held in the past at home and abroad. It aims to bring such good works and events, also bad works and events to the present beyond the era, the place and the situations where they happened. In some cases, it might be better if modifying an event or two works fit together.

Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Política

Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Política is a project began from October 2010 to create and convert a wide range of sessions, such as class and workshop in university and professional school or in-group playing, into a collaborative platform. One of our aims with this project is to think about a way of thinking in order to deal or not to deal with something political, social and historical issues that we find it more difficult to approach or underlying problems in daily life that’s been on our and the participant’s mind.

The Academy of Alter Globalization

The Academy of Alter-globalization was founded in Tokyo in 2011 as a kind of school for experimental thoughts by Susumu Harada, Yasuto Masumoto, Yuka Akiyama. The aim is to think, imagine and study other possibilities of lifestyles, way of thinking and perceptions with a focus on where we are.


On October 15, I tried to make a journey of the writing something about "Picnic" by myself, considering the side stories, such as the picnic among the rich in UK in the 19 century, Pan-European Picnic in Sopron, Hungary, 1989 that leads to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the political meetings called picnic that has taken place at cafe in France around the era of the French Revolution, also trying to re-think deeply our frequent picnic that takes place in Kyoto. It was really tough and in the end I realized that the writing could not stop as well as picnicking. so I think we should not think what it is and control how we do. Every time might be beautiful and silly, and in the ambiguity our picnic could be good.. i guess

Blue, Red, White and Yellow

A project about a war among three fictive nations by handmade plastic rockets, water bombs, original flags to distinguish each team’s territory, held on 12th June 2011 in Guangzhou, China.

Body Montage

A project about building aggressively human relationships and its bodily expression held on the 26th February 2011 in Kotobuki-cho, Yokohama, Japan.

Outsiders’ Memoir

A project about interview and bodily expression in terms of the historical issue, HIROSHIMA held from the November 8th to December 20th 2010 in Quebec City, Canada.


This project is an attempt to try to understand my great-grand mother’s experience in Hiroshima on August 6th 1945 when she was exposed by radiation of the atomic bomb. It was held in La Chambre Blanche, Quebec City, Canada on the 3rd December 2010.


An experiment about trying to drop something down from the top of the stairs as bomber crew held in Quebec City from the down town to the up town on the 11th December 2010.

Private Chorus

An experimental performance about speaking out some words with painful foot massage performed on 19th June 2010 at Alternative Space Loop, Seoul, Korea.

The World

“The World” ( 2008-2009) consists of 15 short video documentations where Masumoto gives individuals recipes in languages they do not understand, and records them in the kitchen as they try to follow the instructions.

Urban Ensemble

A project about Slapping the various objects on the street in rhythm. It was held from July to August 2009

Vinho da Casa de Banho

An Installation about Individual cultural studies in Portugal which is consists of 36 drawings and a video. The drawings is a series of picture diary concerned about my life in Lisbon 2007 with speaking Portuguese language in which there is a lot of discommunications and misunderstandings. The video is about trial reading some Portuguese documents that i couldn’t understand in the warehouse of Instituto Camoes. It is an institution for Portuguese language in which there is a lot of documents in Portuguese from all over the world including Japan.